Crowdfunding Classcraft with PledgeCents – Setting up your fundraising page for best results

Let’s take a look at some simple things that you can do to make your PledgeCents fundraising page stand out so that you and your students can meet your campaign goal and get access to Classcraft’s Premium features.

All you need to get started is a free PledgeCents account. You can go live with a pre-configured Classcraft fundraising page in just a few minutes by visiting

Note: You can change your page’s content at any time, but using the pre-configured page is the fastest way to get set up.



From your page title to your description, pictures, and more, add content that represents you, your students, your school, and how and why you are using Classcraft. Remember, you are calling for your community’s participation. Customizing your page with visuals and lots of fun, personal touches will tell them a story they can relate to.


Use pictures and videos

Use pictures and videos at the top of your page and in your description.* Try using content that your potential backers will recognize, like a photo of your school or a personal video message from you. Finally, and best of all, try to show Classcraft in action by capturing students’ excitement during a random event or Boss Battle.

*Only video URLs can be added to the page description. PledgeCents currently does not support embedding in the description field.



Learn more about crowdfunding with PledgeCents here:

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