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Push notifications for teachers

Push notifications help you, your students, and parents stay apprised of what's happening in the classroom, moment by moment.

You can enable notifications from your account profile to receive alerts when:

  • Students respond to delayed damage by using powers like "Protect"
  • Students use their game powers
  • You receive a message from a student or parent

Students can enable push notifications to receive alerts when:

  • They gain XP
  • They gain GP
  • They gain AP
  • They level up
  • They gain or lose HP
  • They fall in battle
  • They receive a sentence
  • New delayed damage is added to their team's queue
  • They receive a message from their teacher

Parents can enable notifications to receive alerts when:

  • Their child gains XP
  • Their child gains or loses HP
  • Their child levels up
  • Their child receives a sentence
  • They receive a message from their child's teacher

Push notifications are available on desktop and our mobile apps (iOS and Android).


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