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Quests – Integrating Google Classroom assignments

*Quests are a Premium feature

When setting up your lesson objectives in Quests, you can pull assignments directly from Google Classroom into tasks.

In your quest, click the green "+" button in the bottom right, then click on the map to place a new objective and open the Objective Creation screen. The first step is to enter an objective name and select an objective type: Google Classroom Assignment in this case. Then click "Next" in the bottom right.

*Note that this option is only available once assignments have been created in Google Classroom.



Adding a Google Classroom objective to your quest

Google Classroom objectives are similar to the "Task" option and include the story, task, assignment, discussion, and progress settings options.

Instead of entering a task description under Task, you must select the appropriate Google class and Google Classroom assignment via dropdown menus. Then click "Choose" to import the information from Google Classroom to Classcraft.


Once the assignment has been pulled from Google Classroom, you can use the "Edit" button to go directly into Google Classroom and make changes to your assignment. "Refresh" will update your Classcraft objective to reflect the changes made in Google Classroom, while "Change" will bring you back to the "Select a class and assignment" screen. (The "change" option is only available when you first create your objective, so make sure to select the correct assignment!)

From your objective settings (2018-03-15_at_09.44.png), you can link an objective to your Google Classroom. If you select this option, you’ll be prompted to choose the Google Class you want to link it to. Also, you’ll need to choose whether you want to create a new Google Classroom assignment or link it to an existing assignment (which you can select from a list).


Once you’ve made your decision, click the “Link” button. Linking your objectives this way will overwrite your Google assignment’s content.

If you select an assignment for which the due date is already past, you’ll be prompted to select a new due date for it.

Under the Assignment section, you can enter a student reward of XP and/or GP as well as set a due date. (If a date has been set in Google Classroom, it will be pulled from there.) You can also enable a early hand-in due date and reward.

The Discussion feature is automatically enabled with Google Classroom assignments.

As with regular Tasks, you can add an objective reward (XP and/or GP) that students earn when they’ve completed the objective, as well as enable Self-Paced Progress for students.


Following students' progress in the Quests Progress Center

You can use the Quests Progress Center as you normally would to view and manage student progress. The difference with Google Classroom assignments is that you can view your assignment in Google Classroom or view your Google Drive by clicking on the “...” button beside “Apply to All Students.”


Similarly, you can click the "Google Classroom" button across a student's name to view their assignment page in Google Classroom or the "Drive" button to view their Google Drive files.


If your students can't access your Google assignment, check out "Why can't my students access my Google Classroom assignment in Quests?"


Learn more about Quests here:

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