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How to use Quests (students)

Quests are learning adventures that your teacher has set up for you. With Quests, lessons can take the form of an interactive map you’ll explore, with each point representing an activity or resource that you must complete to go further. For example, your teacher could ask you to watch videos, upload assignments, or engage in a discussion at various points during the quest.

Paths link these points together to create a special itinerary. This means that to complete a quest, you must go through the lesson objectives from the Introduction to the Quest End. There’s plenty of treasure (XP and GP) to gain along the way!

To get started, click on the Quests icon on the left sidebar. You’ll see the world of Classcraft, where Mages, Healers, and Warriors each have an island.


You'll find your teacher's quest on the map. Click on it to get started!

The map is covered in black fog. The first point of interest you can check out is the Introduction: Click on it to learn more about what's in store for you. Once you've read the introduction, your next objective will appear on the map.


Depending on what your teacher needs you to do, the objective might include the following sections. Click on the links to learn more:




With each objective, you'll learn more about the story tied to the quest you're on. Note that your teacher could decide not to include a story.



The task contains your teacher's instructions. For example, they could ask you to watch a video, complete a quiz online, fill in a worksheet, or submit a digital file via the "Assignment" section.



If your teacher wants you to submit an assignment via Classcraft, they’ll assign a due date (and maybe even an early due date!) for when the assignment should be turned in.


Click on the grey box to upload a file or drag and drop the file onto it. You can also hover your mouse over the paperclip icon to upload a file from your computer, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. File size is limited to 15 MB. (Keep in mind that larger files may take a little longer to upload.) Don't forget to click on the "Hand in" button when you're done!

Note: If you need to make corrections after you've submitted your assignment, you can always re-upload the file. Make sure to do this before the due date has passed.

If your teacher asked you to complete the assignment in Google Classroom, you'll need to submit your work via Google Classroom (in that case, you'll have to link your Google account to Classcraft if you haven't done so already).


Later on, your teacher can review your work and provide a graded version for you to download, along with some possible feedback that you can read.


If your teacher has added a discussion to the objective, you can use this space to answer your teacher’s questions, share your thoughts on the lesson, ask questions of your own, and tutor your classmates if they’re confused or stumped.

If you click on “MORE,” a text editor will appear so you can change the appearance of the text, insert relevant images, etc. Also, you can attach files to your comment by hovering over the paperclip icon. Clicking on the corresponding button will allow you to attach files from your computer, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive.

Be conscientious of what you write and how you treat your classmates online. Being a good digital citizen could prompt your teacher to give you XP or GP, especially if you help out a fellow student.


But if you act out, your teacher could remove HP from you for a bad comment!

If you see another student commenting inappropriately, you can “report” their comment for your teacher’s attention. Make sure to only do this when you see someone being mean or immature. If your teacher agrees with your judgment call, they could reward you for taking action.



Moving on to new objectives

Lesson objectives are sometimes self-paced, meaning you can automatically proceed from one objective to the next. In other instances you’ll need to wait on your teacher’s approval to move on to the next step.

When progression is self-paced, you need to click on the green “Task Complete” button once you’re done with the task. This will make the next objective visible on your map.


Otherwise, you’ll only be able to continue once your teacher has evaluated your work and decided the outcome. They might find your progress either satisfactory or unsatisfactory. (In that case, they could ask you to redo the work.)

Sometimes completing an objective will lead to branching paths that provide different learning options. Your teacher could also make you go through additional objectives in order to master the lesson.

Finally, the Quest End marks the end of the quest. Click the green “Quest Complete” button, and you’ll earn rewards!


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