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Quests – Sharing your quests with other teachers


*Quests are a Premium feature

With Quests Sharing, you can create a special link that lets other teachers use your quest in their own class. Before doing so, make sure you have the right to make your content available in accordance with the Classcraft Teacher License Agreement.

*Note that Google Classroom assignments will be turned into regular tasks, and any files contained in the Google Classroom will be removed.


On the screen showing your quest map, click the "Share" button in the top right corner. You can choose to share your quest via Facebook, Twitter, or email, or you can simply copy your unique sharing link to your clipboard and use it however you like.



Teachers need to have a Premium Classcraft account to import your quest. When accessing your link, they will be prompted to choose the class they want to import the quest to.



Learn more about Quests here:

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