My Library – Sharing your quests with other teachers

You can easily generate a unique link that lets other teachers import your quest in their own class. Before sharing a quest, make sure you have the necessary rights in accordance with the Classcraft Teacher License Agreement.

*Note that Google Classroom assignments will be converted into regular tasks, and any files contained in the Google Classroom will be removed from the copy.

First, proceed to My Library and select your quest. Then, click on the “Share” button in the righthand menu:


If you want, you can upload your quest to the Quests Marketplace by checking the "This quest is complete and ready to share" checkbox and clicking on the "Submit Your Quest" button. Before sharing a quest to the Marketplace, make sure it's complete and that it respects our Guidelines.


If you want to share your quest directly with a single teacher or via Facebook, Twitter, or email, click on  "Share Your Quest."

Click on "Click to Copy" to get your share link.


To import your quest, teachers will need to be logged in. If the teacher using your link doesn’t have a Classcraft account, they will be prompted to sign up. After clicking your link, they will be able to choose which class they want to import the quest to.

Other ways to share quests

You can share quests you’ve created in the Teacher Forums and on the Quests Marketplace. There, you can also find quests created by other teachers to use in your class or as inspiration!

Find out more about submitting quests to the Quests Marketplace here.

Learn more about Quests here: 

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