Using the Rules Customizer

Rules Customizer

The Rules Customizer is a great way to choose from pre-made suggestions for behavior presets, powers, and sentences while you’re still setting up your classes. It's a useful tool if you're looking to quickly customize your presets in a single process, or if you're still getting familiar with the game.

Ideally, you would use the Rules Customizer when you’re still setting up your class. You can still use it after you’re done setting up, but you will only be able to edit the customizations that already exist for this class.

Note: You can also edit presets, powers, sentences, and much more in details in your class settings.

To access the Rules Customizer, first go to your teacher homepage via a computer (setting up classes must be done on the desktop version of the game). Hover your cursor over the circle button across from your class and choose the “Rules Customizer” option:


You can then initiate a step-by-step process to customize your class rules. If you haven’t finished your class setup yet, clicking on the “Change” button across from each line will cycle various suggestions. Once you cycle through all the choices, you can either type in your own or start the cycle over.

Note: You can add as many presets as you want via your class settings.

This will enable you to choose and select different suggestions for XPHP, and GP presets (if on Premium) ...


... different suggestions for Warrior, Healer, and Mage powers ...


... and different suggestions for the sentences.


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