Using the Rules Customizer

Rules Customizer

The Rules Customizer is a great way to choose from pre-made suggestions for behavior presets, powers, and sentences while you’re still setting up your classes.

Note: You can also edit presets, powers, sentences, and much more in details in your class settings.

To access the Rules Customizer, first go to your Teacher Dashboard via a computer. Hover your cursor over the circle button across from your class (more_menu.png) and choose the “Rules Customizer” option:


You can then initiate a step-by-step process to customize your class rules. Select at least three presets for each step to finish the process.

Note: You can add as many presets as you want via your class settings.

The Rules Customizer enables you to choose and select different suggestions for XPHP, and GP presets (if on Premium) ...


... different suggestions for Warrior, Healer, and Mage powers ...


... and different editable suggestions for the sentences.


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