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Quests – Importing your quests


*Quests are a Premium feature

If you've created a quest and would like to use it in another one of your classes, you can use the "Import" feature.

First, open Quests in the class you want to import the quest to. If you’ve never created a quest in that particular class, simply click anywhere on the map to get started. Otherwise, click the green “+” button in the bottom right corner of the page, then click anywhere on the map to open the Quests Creation screen.


On the Quest Creation screen, click the "Import" button in the bottom left corner of the page. Next, use the dropdown menu to select the class you want to import from. The available quests will then be listed beneath the dropdown menu.

*If you make changes to the original quest after having imported it to another class, these changes will not be replicated in the copy of the quest.


Learn more about Quests here:

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