Creating a quest

If this is your first time creating a quest, simply click anywhere on the map to get started! Otherwise, click the green "+" button in the upper navigation bar, then click anywhere on the map.


This will open the Quests Creation screen.

The Quests Creation screen

The first step is to enter a quest name and select a quest map from the world of Classcraft, where Mages, Healers, and Guardians each have an island. Click the green "Next" button in the bottom right to go to the next step. Here you can choose to assign your quest to other classes. When a quest is assigned to more than one class, several types of changes made in one class will be automatically synced to the other classes the quest exists in. Select the class(es) you want to assign this quest to and click on “Next” to continue.

*New quests are invisible to students until you choose to make them visible. Once you’ve added lesson objectives and are ready to share your quest, you can click the "eye" icon in the upper navigation bar to make it visible to your students. You can also make it visible through My Library.

Tip: You can edit this information any time! Simply click the small pencil in the navigation bar to change the name and the map of a quest. Changes made this way will be reflected in every class this quest is assigned to.

The quest map

The second step is to place your introduction onto the map. The introduction is a fictional (or not!) story to introduce students to the objective. Adding a narrative element is a good way to gamify your lesson: When students progress in the lesson, they're also progressing through the story.


Using the “edit” box is a lot like writing an email. You can make words bold or italic, undo or redo changes, add lists by bullet points or numbers, insert images or video, embed links, create tables, and more. You can also attach files to your quest. You can do this by "dragging" the file from your computer desktop to the "Click or drop to upload a file" box. You may also hover your mouse cursor over the paperclip icon. By clicking on the corresponding button, you will be able to upload a file from your computer, from Google Drive, or from Microsoft OneDrive.

Tip: If your image or video is hosted online, simply copy-paste the URL into the “edit” box to automatically embed it. 


Learn more about Quests here:


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