Creating quests

Quest are a super fun and engaging way to share your curriculum with students. If you're unsure and just want to try it out, consider using the Demo Class to explore the Quests feature.

Let's see how to create your very own quests! Learn more about:

Before creating quests

Before you jump into creating a quest, you need a game plan! Consider the following:

  • Do I want this quest to have a story students can follow true?
  • How many objectives do I need to convey all the material? How many assignments?
  • Are there points that students can progress without my intervention, at their own pace?
  • Are there points where I would like to provide more material or an optional path?
  • Am I going to use Google Classroom? Do I want to create the assignments first?

It can be overwhelming to do everything at once so take the time to look at your unit or course plan and consider the number of objectives you want students to go through during the course of this quest and what information you want to share.

Planning ahead can help prevent headaches down the line!

Creating quests

If you have yet to create any quest, click anywhere on the world map to get started. Otherwise:

  1. Click the purple + button in the top navigation bar
  2. Click anywhere on the map to place your quest — don't worry, you can move it later on!


This will start the quest creation process. Until the next few steps aren't complete, your quest won't be created just yet. Once you're on the Create a new quest screen:

  1. Enter a name for your quest
  2. Select a map — we'll automatically select the map that makes the most sense according to where you click, but you can pick any that inspires you!
  3. Click Next when you're ready
  4. Select the class you want to assign this quest to (a quest that is assigned to multiple classes only need to be edited once instead of once per class)
  5. Click Next to create your quest

Note: Any decisions you made can easily be edited afterward and your quest won't be visible to your students until you decide to make it so.

Once you click Next, you'll see the map you selected and it'll be time to add objectives to your quest! You can return to the Quests section at any time. To view the quest you've just created, click on its node on the world map.

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