The Quests Progress Center

The Quests Progress Center is where you go to edit a quest's objectives and manage student progress. To access the Progress Center, click on any objective on your quest map.

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Navigating the Progress Center

Whenever you open an objective, you'll view its overview:


Here are some of the main navigation elements:

1. Objective name

When you click on the objective name, it turns blue. This means you've entered editing mode. Change the name as you want and click outside of the box to save.

2. Mini map

Use this map as a reminder of where objectives of your quest are placed and how they're connected. You can click on any of these objectives to navigate to it.

3. Objectives list

This list indicates the type of objective, its name, and the current progression. Click on an objective to accessed its detailed view. The line's color informs you of your class's progress:


  • Purple: Students who have successfully completed the objective
  • Red: Students who have unsuccessfully completed the objective
  • Dark gray: Students who have reached the objective but have yet to complete it
  • Light gray: Students who have not yet reached the objective

4. Overview

Click on this tab to access the Overview of an objective where you can view the rewards and progression as well as evaluate your students' assignments, if any.

5. Story

Click on this tab to view and edit the story students can see for this objective.

6. Task

This tab is not visible for Introduction and Quest End type of objectives.

Click on this tab to view and edit the objective's name and description.

7. Discussion

This tab is not visible for Introduction, Google Forms Quiz, and Quest End type of objectives. For it to be visible for other types of objectives, discussions need to be enabled in the settings.

Click this tab to view the discussions for this objective where you can create topic and see what your students are posting.

8. Settings

This tab is not visible for Introduction objectives.

Click this tab to view and edit settings such as enabling self-paced progress or assignments.

Evaluating student work


The Overview tab is where you can check and evaluate each student's progress in the quest and their assignment, if any. First, let's see its main components!


1. Google Classroom assignment

If a Google Classroom assignment is linked to this objective, you can see at the top of the overview the name of the assignment.

2. View assignment in Google Classroom

Click Edit to view your Google Classroom assignment in a new tab.

3. Refresh the assignment

You can refresh when you want to sync your Google Classroom assignment with Classcraft, most notably to see if more students turned it in yet.

4. Successfully completed objective path

When you choose a successful outcome for this objective, students will naturally progress to the objectives listed here.

5. Objective rewards

These are the rewards students will obtain when successfully completing this objective. To edit a reward:

  1. Click on the number (it will turn blue)
  2. Make any change you want
  3. Click outside of the text box to save

6. Unsuccessfully completed objective path

When you choose an unsuccessful outcome for this objective, students will naturally progress to the objectives listed here.

7. Assignment rewards

These are the rewards students can obtain for turning in their assignment (if any) early or on-time. To change these rewards, check the objective's settings.

8. Self-paced progress

A blue outline around your student list means that an objective is self-paced. This means that students can progress to the next objective, as though they had successfully completed it, without your manual intervention.

9. Give feedback

Click the feedback button to view the assignments your students turned in and evaluate them. The general button starts from the first student on the list who turned in an assignment. You can instead click the Give Feedback button for an individual student on the list.

10. Apply to all students / More options

The following options may be available in the More options (...) menu depending on the type of objective:

  • Mark all progress satisfactory: All students will automatically successfully complete the objective and progress in the quest
  • Mark all progress unsatisfactory: All students will automatically unsuccessfully complete the objective and progress in the quest
  • Download all assignment files: If students have provided you a sheet with their assignment, you can download all of them to grade an annotate them
  • Upload all graded assignment files: After grading all assignment, without changing the file names, upload all graded assignment so students have access to your feedback

11. Student name header

Click on any header to order the student list.

The first column are the student names. A red exclamation mark indicates that a student does not have access to their assignment in Google Classroom.

12. Hand-in time

These columns indicates whether students handed in their assignment on time or late.

13. Assignment / Feedback / Task completed

If you're using a Google Classroom assignment:

  • Click on the Google Classroom icon to view the assignment in Google Classroom
  • Click on the Google Drive icon to open the student's assignment in Drive

If you're not using not using Google Classroom or no Drive assignment was submitted, this column is labeled Feedback. Click on the icon in this column to give a specific student feedback regarding their assignment.


Finally, for objectives with no assignment, this column is called Task completed. It indicates whether a student consider their work compete or not.


14. Outcome

You can view and decide a student's outcome in this column.

15. Successful outcome

Click the purple checkmark to mark progress as satisfactory, or successful, and have the student progress in the quest. Click the icon again to mark this objective as incomplete.

16. Unsuccessful outcome

Click the red cross to mark progress as unsatisfactory, or unsuccessful, and have the student progress in the quest. Click the icon again to mark this objective as incomplete.

Evaluating assignments and giving feedback

You can evaluate your students' work from the Overview section of an objective in the Progress Center. Tasks, Google Assignments, and Google Forms each have their own particularities but evaluating an objective is generally very similar.

No assignment

If your objective has no assignment...

  • Check in with your student, if needed, to make sure that they properly completed the path
  • Send them off on the path you choose: satisfactory or not. In the Outcome column:
    • Click on the purple checkmark to mark the progress as successful
    • Click the red cross to mark the progress as unsuccessful

Tip! Check in the upper part of the overview to see where students proceed to depending on their success.

Regular task

If your objective is a regular task and has an assignment...

  • Click the Feedback icon on the student list:
  • Students can enter their assignment directly in the text editor or attach file: Review their work first!
  • You can download files individually by clicking on their or use the Download all button.
  • If your students did not submit their work properly or you think they should redo the whole thing, click Unsubmit. Be careful! Students are not made aware their work has been unsubmitted so make sure to check in with them.
  • When you're ready, leave feedback (if you wish). You can:
    • Use the text editor to leave comments
    • Upload files
    • Attach files from your computer, Google Drive (if your account is connected to Google), or OneDrive (if your account is linked to Microsoft)
    • Create a new Google Document, Sheet, Presentation, or Form
  • If you need to, save a draft of your comments to return to it later
  • When ready, click Save to send your student feedback
  • Don't forget to evaluate your student's progress!
    • Click on the purple checkmark to mark the progress as successful
    • Click the red cross to mark the progress as unsuccessful

Google Classroom assignment

Unlike regular tasks, Google Classroom assignments are not completed in Classcraft. When a student views the Assignment tab of the objective, they'll be prompted to Open Google Classroom, where they can complete and turn in their assignment.


If this button is grayed out for a student in Classcraft, make sure that they have access to the assignment in Google Classroom first!

To evaluate their work, you'll similarly go directly in Google Classroom by clicking the blackboard button in the objective's student list.

Once you're done reviewing and grading, in the Outcome column, decide if they successfully completed the work (by clicking the purple checkmark) or unsuccessfully (by clicking the red cross).

Google Forms objective

Google Forms can be self-graded or not. If they are, you can set objectives of this type to self-paced progress and they will automatically progress when reaching the passing grade (or not). That being said, you can also use other question type or manually grade their work in Google Drive.

Click the Refresh button in the objective's student list to update the grades with the latest evaluation.

Regardless of the grade, you can always choose the Outcome.

  • If they successfully completed the work, click the purple checkmark
  • If they unsuccessfully completed the work, click the red cross unsuccessfully 

Editing an objective's story and task

The story is optional for every objective in your quest. Once in the Progress Center:

  1. Click the Story tab
  2. Click on the existing story (the frame turns blue)
  3. Edit your story using the text editor — you can even attach files!
  4. When you're done, click the purple Save button

The tasks, on the other hand, are not optional. Once in the Progress Center:

  1. Click the Task tab
  2. Click on the title until it turns blue
  3. Make any changes you want to the title
  4. Click on the existing task (the frame turns blue)
  5. Edit your task using the text editor — you can even attach files!
  6. When you're done, click the purple Save button

Using and managing discussions

Before you can see the Discussions tab, the feature needs to be enabled in the objective's settings. Discussions can't be turned on for Introduction, Google Forms, and Quest End objectives.

In the Progress Center, you can post new comments yourself to get a conversation going with your students. To do so, type anything in the Type a comment field.

To see the whole text editor, click More. You can even attach files to your comment if you want! When you're done, click Send, or hit Enter.

When you're done, your new comment will appear and students who reached this objective will be able to answer you.


You can also see all the comments made by your students about a quest objective. Promote good digital citizenship by rewarding students for thoughtful, positive comments.


You can discourage negative online behavior by removing Hearts from students who post inappropriately.

When students see a classmate posting inappropriate content, they can "flag" the comment for your attention. This will remain anonymous on the student side but will show you (the teacher) who flagged the comment. You can decide what to do with the comment such as editing or removing it completely.

You’ll receive a notification in your Activity Center whenever a student comments on a quest or reports a comment as inappropriate.

Editing an objective's settings (including assignments)

First, click on the Settings tab to begin. The following settings are available:

  • Progress: You can turn on Self-Paced Progress, which enables students to automatically proceed to the next objective when completing a task or assignment. 
  • Assignment: You can enable assignments for this quest objective in the settings. You’ll be prompted to choose a due date and rewards for your assignment.
  • Task (Google Classroom Only): A Google Classroom objective will be Classroom-enabled in all the classes a quest is assigned to. You can pick the Google Classroom and assignment independently in each class. 
  • Discussion: You can enable class discussion for an objective. Click on Manage to view the notifications settings in the Activity Center.
  • Synchronize Your Settings: Click on the Synchronize to sync your class-specific settings to the same quest in other classes. Select where you want to overwrite this objective’s settings and confirm that you agree that your settings will be overwritten.
    Once you’re ready, click Confirm.
  • Delete objective: This will delete the objective in all the classes this quest is assigned to. Doing so will also delete the students’ progress, assignments, and discussions. This action is irreversible. In the dialogue box, click on the two checkboxes to be able to click Delete.

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