Adding lesson objectives to your map


Once you've created a quest and set up your introduction, you can add more objectives to your quest. Click the green "+" button in the navigation bar at the top, then click on the map to place a new objective and open the Objective Creation screen.


The Objective Creation screen

The first step is to enter an objective name and select an objective type.

  • Tasks are an activity students have to complete in order to progress and move forward in the story — homework assignment, in-class exercise, etc.

  • Google Classroom Assignments are assignments from Google Classroom that are turned into tasks. (Learn more here.)

  • The Quest End marks the end of the quest, where you can write a conclusion to your narrative arc and offer a reward for completing the whole quest.



To create a task, first add a story and task description, choose whether to include an assignment and discussion, and then select the progress settings. You can go through all these options by clicking "Next" in the bottom right or by clicking section titles at the top.


  1. The story is where you can tie the task to your overarching narrative. Note that this is optional! (If your quest is assigned to several classes, this setting is shared among all of them.)

  2. Your task description should include instructions for your students: What do they have to do? What are the requirements to successfully complete the task? 

    Make sure to enter a task name in order to continue. For example, your objective name could be creative, while your task name could directly relate to the nature of the task. (Unless this is a Google Classroom assignment, if your quest is assigned to several classes, this setting is shared among all of them.)

  3. If you enable assignments, you can collect homework and projects digitally from your students and reward them for timely submissions. Set a due date for the assignment, and set a student reward (XP and/or GP) if you wish. A Premiums license is required to give GP as a reward. If you’d like, you can also check the “Enable reward for early hand-in” box to add an early due date and offer even more rewards.

    Your students will be able to submit work through the text editor or upload files. If their Classcraft account is linked to their Google account, your students can create Google documents, sheets, slides, or forms to submit for this assignment. If your objective is linked to Google Classroom, they’ll be able to turn in their assignment directly through Google Classroom. Find more about using assignments here.

  4. If you enable discussions, you can allow students to have a class discussion online about the objective. This feature helps you promote good digital citizenship by rewarding students with XP or GP for thoughtful, positive comments and discourage negative online behavior by removing HP from any students who post inappropriately. A Premiums license is required to give GP as a reward. Students can also take action when they see another student posting inappropriate content by “flagging” the comment for your attention. As the teacher, you can post new comments or reply to any existing comment as well.

    Note that by enabling email notifications, you’ll receive an email every time a student posts a new comment.

  5. Under Progress, you can add an objective reward that students earn when they’ve completed the objective. You can also enable “Self-Paced Progress,” which enables students to move on to the next objective(s) as soon as they complete the task, without needing manual approval from you. Learn more about Self-Paced Progress here.

Once you've gone through all of the above, you can save your task to return to your quest map. You can create as many objectives as you need! To change the position of an objective, simply drag and drop them to a new location on the map. The location of any given objective on the map is the same in all the classes your quest is assigned to.



The next step is to create and differentiate paths between your objectives.


Learn more about Quests here: 

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