Class Tools — Quick Review (The Elda Training Grounds)

Quick Reviews enable you to quickly assess your students’ knowledge by asking questions aloud and rewarding their effort along the way. You may have already used Boss Battles (or not!)... Quick Reviews are similar but with lower stakes — and faster! Haven’t used them before? Don’t worry, we got you.

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Preparing for a Quick Review

There are a few things to do before you can start playing a Quick Review with your students:

  • Because we’re not asking you to input questions into Classcraft, make sure that you have a question list ready. During the review, you’ll be reading questions aloud!
  • Determine how many questions you’ll be asking students and how difficult you want this review to be: the more difficult, the more correct answers students will need to succeed.

Beware! Students will need to answer all of your questions, even if they best the training dummy after a few answers: any extra question is counted as a “bonus round.” These rounds enable students to earn even more rewards!

Setting up a Quick Review

With your question list ready:

  1. On your teacher dashboard, click the Play button of the class you want to use Quick Review in
  2. Click the Class Tools toolbox icon in the sidebar navigation
  3. Select Quick Review
  4. Set up your review
  5. When you’re ready, click Start review


Here’s an overview of the different options setup options:

How many questions will you ask?

This is the total number of questions that you will ask aloud during the review. Questions are not input in Classcraft.

How difficult is this review?

The difficulty is how we determine how many questions students must answer to successfully complete the review. Extra questions are counted as "bonus rounds" for which students can earn rewards.

Who will answer your questions?

Random students: For each question, a student is selected at random to answer.

Random teams: Whole teams are selected one at a time randomly to answer.

Manually reveal who will answer

When this option is enabled, you’ll have to click on a button to view which student or team will need to answer the question. Use this option to keep students on their toes!


This is the number of Experience Points and Gold Pieces (if you have a Premium or School license) students will earn for answering the number of questions to successfully complete the training.

Bonus rounds rewards

These are the rewards students earn for correctly answering each question after successfully completing their training.

Example: Let’s say you made an Easy review with 10 questions, students need to answer 6 questions correctly to be successful and earn the Rewards. If they answer 8 questions correctly, they’ll earn the review’s Rewards and three times the Bonus rounds rewards.

Students receive half the rewards if they don’t succeed

When this option is enabled, students receive half of the review’s rewards even if they don’t successfully complete it. This is a great way to encourage their efforts!

Example: Let’s say you made a review where students need to answer 5 questions correctly to receive 200 Experience Points and 50 Gold Pieces. With this option enabled, if they answer 4 questions correctly, they’ll still earn 100 Experience Points and 25 Gold Pieces.


Hearts — Students lose Hearts when their answers are incorrect: All incorrect answers make the student or team who answered lose a single Heart.

Playing a Quick review

Here’s how a Quick Review plays out:

  1. You complete the setup and Start review
  2. Read aloud your first question
  3. OPTIONAL: Click Reveal to view who needs to answer the question otherwise the team or student is already displayed
  4. Once the student or team answers, decide if they gave the Correct answer or the Wrong answer
  5. Once your students answer enough questions correctly, they win, but the training’s not over!
  6. BONUS ROUNDS: If your students answer enough questions correctly, they’ll have the opportunity to earn more rewards in the bonus rounds.
  7. Repeat the process until your students answer all of your questions.